Do Not Curb Your Enthusiasm During an Interview

Don’t brag

Many job seekers do not want to appear overly enthusiastic during an interview for fear they will come across as desperate. Sheffield said that you should prepare a list of stories that illustrate your skills and achievements rather than bragging about your overall abilities.
“You can speak animatedly about the pleasure and pride you took in overcoming obstacles. One advantage of storytelling over plain boasting,” Sheffield noted. “It’s the interviewer who draws the conclusion.”

Be direct

Sheffield said that in addition to telling stories that highlight your strengths, there’s no harm in telling the interviewer directly how thrilled you would be to work for the company. You can also talk about other businesses you have been looking at or other offers that you are considering, but always let the interviewer know that their company is your first choice.

Do your research

While most applicants know they should research a company before they apply for a job, it’s important that you go beyond the basics to find out as much as possible about the business before your interview.

Ask the right questions

While it’s important to ask a lot of questions during your interview, you need to ask the right questions, making sure they pertain to the duties of the position. Job coach Allison Green said candidates should never ask about job security, raises, benefits, turnover rates or the general quality-of-life at work during the first meeting.

You can find out a number of theses things during your earlier research by checking company reviews on the internet or wait until you have a second interview to get into the nitty gritty of salary and benefits negotiations.

Green said if you really want to get a feel for the company, try networking with its current employees.

“Peek behind the curtain by asking to talk to some of the other employees who you would be working with. A good company won’t mind arranging that, so it’s a red flag if they balk,” Green noted.

Ask how you stack up

While the the interview winds down, as an enthusiastic job seeker you should ask where you stand in comparison to an ideal candidate and how you stack up with the other candidates. Sheffield said that these types of questions can emphasise just how much you want the position.

Always follow up

Follow-up is another important process in your job search that you can not overlook. Always send individual thank-you notes to all the people you spoke with during the interview that stress your relevant experience and your enthusiasm for the job.