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GDT Insight Model

The Global Digital Talent (GDT) Program Curriculum bases itself on three types of insight. They are distilled from the integration of the business experiences from Alibaba and the businesses within its ecosystem and cutting-edge research from global research institutes and think tanks, including Alibaba Research Institute (AliResearch).

Conceptual Insight:
Digital Business Methods and Concepts
Conceptual insights cover the continuous advancement of theories, concepts
and methodologies developed, and used by entrepreneurs and businesses across the digital economy.

Experiential Insight:
Cross-Border eCommerce Business Simulation
Twenty years of professional experience in cross-border eCommerce management and simulation platform development is  translated into experiential insights offered through a comprehensive cross-border eCommerce simulation platform experience.

Commercial Insight:
Contemporary Case Studies
Commercial insights based on real-life contemporary case studies of entrepreneurs, the experiences of Alibaba and its ecosystem partners as well as other digital businesses across the globe.

GDT Curriculum Overview

Part 1: Digital Transformation Program

Topic 1: Embrace the Digital Economy 

Topic 2: Features of the Digital Economy

Topic 3: Business Paradigm Shift

Topic 4: Changing Nature of Work

Topic 5: Transformation of an Industry – New Retail

Topic 5: Transformation of an Industry – Smart Logistics

Topic 7: Transformation of an Industry – New Finance

Topic 8: Transformation of an Industry – Smart Manufacturing

Part 2: Digital Entrepreneurship Program

Topic 1: Holistic View of Business

Topic 2: Human-Centric Product & Service Development Process

Topic 3: Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship

Topic 4: Digital Marketing

Topic 5: Pitching and Raising Early Stage Investment for Digital Business

Alibaba GDT Cross-Border eCommerce Simulation Platform

GDT Member Institutions can choose to use the Alibaba Cross-Border eCommerce Simulation Platform for either the GDT Digital Transformation Program or the GDT Digital Entrepreneurship Program.

Practitioner Capabilities & Mindsets

As an inclusive force for change across the globe, the Alibaba Global Digital Talent (GDT) Program aims to develop the  entrepreneurs, innovators and doers of tomorrow by enabling them to take charge of the rapid digital transformation happening around us.

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